Este questionário ajuda a pensar seus objetivos!
jun 10th, 2016 by Flavia

Produzi um questionário online para alunos que me procuram para ter aulas de inglês geral. Está em inglês, para alunos que já chegaram ao intermediário e avançado e querem continuar seus estudos. Decidi colar o link aqui.

Se você quiser, pode preencher, ele ajuda a refletir o que é que se quer de aulas particulares. A versão em português para alunos básicos ainda vou ficar devendo… em geral eu só consigo produzir essas coisas pensando nos meus alunos reais e faz um tempo que eu não tenho os básicos (apesar de gostar de dar aulas para todos os níveis…).

Esse questionário não ajuda muito quem quer estudar para testes de proficiência. Eu precisaria fazer outro só para essa demanda.


Aulas de 1 hora 1 vez por semana – indicadas para quem?
jan 2nd, 2009 by Flavia

Em poucas palavras, essas aulas são indicadas para duas coisas:

  1. alunos avançados que só querem manter a conversação.
  2. alunos básicos que tem pelo menos um ano para se preparar para um dos testes de inglês para o ingresso na a pós-graduação. Read the rest of this entry »
Job Interviews
mar 11th, 2008 by Flavia

Now if you’re reading this post I suspect you are at least an Intermediate student.  It might surprise you but I’ve had students that did not warn me that they were about to go through job interviews.

Students sometimes don’t think there is anything else an English teacher can do for them, when it concerns job interviews.

.But job interviews are surely one of the most unnerving things, even in your native language. I certainly can use my imagination and devise some things that may be of use. Think of the three I mention below:

  • There is a whole lot of literature about job interviews on the internet in English. Written by people whose job is giving advice and some training to people who, like you, are looking for jobs, these texts, and also videos, can be used as a source of discussion and learning. I’m not a job interview specialist, but as I teacher I can ask my students’ opinion on the advice: helping students figure out how to behave, what to expect… while studying English!


  • If you’ve been through job interviews before, then you know a bunch of questions you might be asked. Or you might be asked very similar ones. Besides that, that job interview literature on the net gives lots of examples of questions. Like myself, those professionals don’t have crystal balls to know for sure what your interviewer is going to ask you, but they know they can prepare you to feel less nervous and to act better when confronted with the kind of questions made to test your reactions. So, we can role-play.


  • One thing I would be testing if I were a job interviewer is if you have the ability to be objective, organized and clear in your answers. I’d test this because today everybody works in a team, and to be able to do so efficiently you must communicate efficiently. Even if your interviewer isn’t aware of this, I’m certain that having this skill can only help you reach your goal. Well, this is, in part, the kind of training I give to people who want to practice for oral tests like TOEFL and IELTS and to people who want to present their works in congresses. Why wouldn’t I help my student who is looking for a job in the same manner? A little presentation practice can be of great help. Presentation practice can also help you gain the vocabulary you need to talk about carrier related subjects.
(the video is just for fun)

Either if you are already having classes with a private teacher or if you’re thinking of finding one for that purpose, there are many things teachers can do to help you prepare.

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